Money Back Guarantee

Our academic writing service cares about its customers, and we do our best to satisfy them completely. Having chosen to ask for our services, our potential client can find it useful to learn more about our money-back guarantee details to be certain of the dependability of our service. We're attentive to each client, and letting our clients be aware of all their rights is among the fundamental things required to provide you with the best results.

The money back option is almost never required by our clients as we can complete orders of various intricacy levels. Still, we think that this type of possibility has to be given at all times. With the intention to make all the customers satisfied, we work tirelessly on every order and provide our customers with a free revision possibility.

If the situation you have matches the instances explained further, you can definitely count on receiving your money back. We should emphasize that only in a limited number of situations you will have the chance to return all the money paid.

100% refund

  1. The exact same order made two times
    Once you discover that you accidentally placed two identical orders instead of one, get in touch with our support - it'll help you receive your money back. In case the writer has been appointed, and our specialist is working on your paper, getting a full refund is not possible. That is why we recommend our clients to place their orders carefully in order to prevent such a scenario.
  2. When we have not selected a writer yet, but the order had been called off
    No detailed explanation is needed in such a case. You'll get the entire amount back in case the writer has not been assigned by the cancellation time.
  3. In case there are some problems with finding a suitable writer to complete the paper
    It's a very rare situation, but you need to understand that it still could happen in cases when nearly all writers are busy and/or your assignment is rather complicated.
  4. One order - two bills
    Although we attentively keep track of all the payments and orders, double-billing happens, but very rarely. Being billed twice for one order, do not hesitate - inform us about it as quickly as possible. For this reason, we recommend you to save all the receipts as a verification of your financial transaction.

Partial refund

The purchaser can receive a part of the spendings back in the next cases:

  1. Delays in delivery
    We work with a great sense of duty in terms of meeting deadlines, but sometimes, which is very rare, there can be things that are beyond our control. This type of a refund can be affected by a number of factors. Therefore, we discuss every particular question on a case-by-case basis. To prevent these situations, the clients also need to be very attentive. When the writer does not receive all the materials that are essential for your task, the due date might be postponed. For this reason, a refund may not be available in case of an overshot deadline. Don’t forget to provide us with all the necessary files in time. It will ensure that your writer produces a high-quality paper for you with no delays.
  2. We started working on your assignment, but you want to call it off
    At this point, you will receive up to 70% of the whole sum to pay for writer's effort with the rest. But it is decreased to a 50% refund if the time left to the deadline is half of the total time determined or less.
  3. Post-submission claims
    You can contact us to report any issues concerning the complete work so that we could study them. A potential refund would be influenced by the result of our investigation. We are open for any customers’ feedback regarding our services since it helps us improve and offer you only premium-quality custom writings.
  4. Rare cases of plagiarism
    Our primary goal when working on your papers is to use only on-topic and reliable information that is interesting and unique. But, if you send us some evidence that your work turned out to be plagiarized, we'll investigate your situation and, based on the results, we'll offer you a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. You received a mark which doesn’t match your expectations
    We always endeavor to do our utmost, but we cannot guarantee the greatest mark because it quite often depends on your professor’s or teacher’s evaluation.
  2. Refining services like formatting, editing, proofreading
    Whenever you order services mentioned above, we cannot change the content. This is why we don’t take any liability for claims associated with its content.

Money-back process

Once you receive a confirmation of your refund, our company will fulfill it within 5 working days as from the confirmation day. We would like to emphasize that our service is not liable for the difficulties related to any other companies involved (e.g. banks).

Including all transaction fees, the refund option is offered only if its amount is larger than 10 USD. You can also get this amount on the personal account for potential orders.