In-Class Essay — Write a Perfect Paper Hassle-Free

Hardly anyone disputes the fact that the majority of students do not enjoy writing in-class essays. Usually, this particular type of assignment bewilders students, because no one knows in advance what the topic, essay type or requirements will be. Of course, your professor can announce a tentative or exact topic of an upcoming in-class essay, but that is not an absolute guarantee that you will be relieved of the stress and confusion related to it.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you that any in-class assignment, and essays, in particular, can be really easy to deal with. Our aim here is to provide you with some recommendations on how to be ready for any unexpected task and how to make the best of it when you have a limited amount of time.

How to Prepare for an In-Class Essay — Easy Advice

Frankly speaking, the most common reasons for failing the in-class essay are confusion, panic, and lack of confidence. Since such a task is a real surprise for students, it is difficult for them to understand how to fully cover a specific topic and what to write about it. Therefore, we have prepared some useful recommendations on how to prepare for an in-class essay that will help you organize your thoughts and also plan your paper writing process efficiently.

  • Stay calm. Your in-class essay is a chance to show your teacher how well-organized and prepared you are. This assignment is just a test of your knowledge and skills, so your primary task is to be confident in yourself. Therefore, the psychological aspect is the most crucial one.
  • Try to guess the topic. We will take a closer look at this aspect further on in our article, but right now we’d like to assure you that professors usually, choose some common issues and themes to write about. Hence, gather all the information about possible topics and practice writing essays on them.
  • Outline your essay. The in-class essay structure doesn’t differ much from that of any other paper, so you are to focus not on the structure but on the content. Formulate the main ideas you want to emphasize. Start with more common facts or thoughts before gradually proceeding to more complex stuffy.

If you already know the theme, don’t neglect advance preparation and in-depth research (even if the topic looks too simple), Look for various reliable facts that can be used as supporting evidence for your argument.

But, how to write an excellent in-class essay when you are under a time limit?

Introduction of the In-Class Essay

Never be in a hurry to start (especially if the topic came as a complete surprise to you). It is better to formulate everything clearly because your thesis statement is what influences your essay content the most. Determine what idea you want to prove or argue, as well asd what the main purpose of your paper is. Your introduction of the in-class essay may start with a catchy question or some commonly known fact. Keep in mind that this part of the essay should make the audience want to continue reading your paper. You may end the introduction with a sentence that will let the reader know about the central issue of your in-class assignment, so make sure the reader is left wondering what comes next.

The Body of the In-Class Essay

That is the lengthiest part of your essay. Many students find this part the most challenging one because preparing a good body of the in-class essay does not involve long and thoughtful consideration. You don’t have to spend much time thinking about the main paragraphs or proofs for your thoughts. Three paragraphs will be enough for a well-written in-class essay, so we suggest you dedicate each paragraph to a particular aspect of the chosen (assigned) issue.

A Conclusion of the In-Class Essay

End your essay with an answer to the question you asked in the introduction, or confirmation of your opinion. Here is a little tip: restate your introduction in an affirmative manner without repeating it word for word. In this way, you will make the conclusion of the in-class essay look more complete and your work more well-rounded.

In-Class Essay Topics Overview

Topics for writing an in-class essay can be divided into two major types:

  • ones that are known in advance;
  • topics-surprises.

Therefore, students are likely to face two main challenge: on the one hand, it’s hard to predict the topic and prepare for it perfectly; on the other, it’s equally hard to choose a good topic and describe it appropriately. If you are free to choose a topic, pick the aspect you are really interested in. That way you are sure to have enough ideas to write about and your paper is guaranteed to meet all the length requirements. As a rule, in-class essay writing topics are commonly known and quite broad, so you can choose a specific aspect or issue to show your ability to organize your thoughts quickly. If you know the topic, make sure to remember several reliable sources you can rely on while working on your in-class-essay.

Insightful In-Class Essay Tips

Since this specific and quite challenging assignment can really make you feel stressed out, we would like to offer you some top tips on writing an in-class essay.

  • If you are free to choose the type of essay, pick the expository one. There’s nothing easier than writing about your own viewpoint.
  • Watch your time. Divide the time you are allocated into sections to spend a certain amount of minutes on each part of your writing.
  • Try not to get distracted! You have only limited time, so focus on the writing process.
  • Stick to the plan. Make an outline that will help you maintain your central ideas and avoid redundant information.
  • Make sure you have several minutes in reserve to re-read your in-class essay. There could be some errors that you might not have noticed.

Popular In-class Essay Prompts

If you want to be prepared, read carefully the below prompts we’ve prepared specifically for you:

  • Describe the most amazing event in your life.
  • Write about the issue that is highly discussed among modern teenagers.
  • Recall the event that made you feel extremely sad.
  • Write about a public figure that influences young people’s hearts and minds.
  • Advances in technology: before and after.
  • People are free to be different.
  • Describe what role education plays in your life.
  • Write about the global issue that worries everyone.
  • Write about your actions in the event of aliens’ arrival.

One of these great prompts for in-class essay writing can surely be included in the assignment you are to face. Therefore, we recommend you devote some time to study them, paying particular attention to the major issues modern society is facing nowadays. Professors tend to check if you are competent and interested in the world around, so it’s better for you to be always prepared for dealing with the in-class essay. We do hope our guidelines and tips will help you cope with this challenge successfully!