Film Research Paper Topics for Your Success

Being a student, you no doubt have to deal with different kinds of academic papers now and then. However, the assignments you get can sometimes leave you wondering, ‘What do I write about?’ and ‘What topic should I choose?’ It can be pretty frustrating, but you needn’t worry because we can always lend you a helping hand.

It is always hard to pick a proper topic for your essay. The important thing to remember here is that the topic you choose should be something you can relate to, something that can let you put your best foot forward. It may be quite a challenge, but we’ve taken care of the topic-selection part and come up with 45 film research paper topics to help you get off to a good start.

Topics for a Film Research Paper from Experienced Essay Writers!

Thanks to the Internet you can now find a whole bunch of great topics for your paper and achieve an outstanding result. Just be sure to pick the one you’re most comfortable with and give your college career a major boost!

Film History Research Paper Topics

The history of cinematography is full of amazing inventions and stunning breakthroughs. Early film-makers had to do things completely from scratch, often relying on their intuition while blazing trails in cinematic art. It was then that the concepts of “love stories”, “family dramas” and a lot of other movie genres we can hardly imagine our lives without today were created. That is precisely why the history of cinematography can be a topic that will keep your professor hooked till the very end of your essay, thus earning you the highest possible grade.

  1. Movies about the history of religions.
  2. African-Americans in cinematography.
  3. Evolution of animation in movie production.
  4. Silent movies.
  5. Special effects before computer-generated graphics.
  6. Hitchcock’s scare power.
  7. The impact of the film industry on different generations.
  8. Fellini’s contribution to cinematography.
  9. History of sci-fi.
  10. Bollywood vs. Hollywood.

Research paper topics on music in films that hooks

Music is something that can either put you in an upbeat mood or frighten you, even before things in the movie start to get scary. The very fact that our life is not filled with music can make you feel like you are living ‘inside’ a big movie. However, adding a soundtrack to it lets you kind of enliven the whole thing, making it a truly unique experience. A good soundtrack will linger in your ears long after the film is over, reminding you about it and making you want to see it again and again.

Soundtracks are cool, but there is another movie genre that is directly linked to music — musicals. The arrival of musicals made it possible for movie producers to target a much wider audience. Movies are very much like theatre: some people prefer drama and comedy, some ballet, and opera. However, unlike musicals, all these genres are pretty one-dimensional and as such can’t let their fans experience a whole gamut of human emotions. And that is precisely why musicals are such a big deal to movie makers. It takes a lot of hard work, time and money to come up with an1,5 hour motion picture filled with music and dance scenes, so it’s not such an easy thing to do as you might have thought initially. Let’s take a brief look at the list of topics you can use for your work:

  1. Broadway musicals made into movies.
  2. Musicals in the 20th century.
  3. Bollywood-made musicals.
  4. Cradle of future pop stars.
  5. Christina Aguilera’s career in musicals.
  6. The power of recorded nature sounds.
  7. To scare before it gets scary.
  8. Impact of music on human senses.
  9. Picture vs. sound.
  10. Opera elements in the film industry today.

Horror films research paper topics or how to make you shiver

Horror movies are arguably one of the most perplexing genres there is, and you may wonder why. The thing is that it takes immersing the audience in fear and creating an atmosphere of anxiety and suspense to come up with a cinematic product that can quite literally chill you to the bone. There is a subgenre of horror movies that can only be technically called ‘horror’; in fact, it falls into the comedy category due to making fun of ridiculous scenes from horror films.

There are quite a few horror movie directors who made the genre popular, the most famous one being undoubtedly Alfred Hitchcock. Credited with pioneering a number of innovative techniques, he was dubbed “the master of suspense” by the critics, and, truth be told, he really lived up to this name. Hitchcock was second to none in making high-quality horror films that kept viewers in a state of fear and wonder. Here is the list of topics you can use:

  1. The art of suspense.
  2. History of the horror movie genre.
  3. Feel the fear.
  4. Alfred Hitchcock and his impact on the film industry.
  5. Folklore elements in the screenplay.
  6. Comedy in horror movies.
  7. Religion in horror films.
  8. Racism in horror films.
  9. Politics in horror films.
  10. Evolution of special effects in horror movies.

Film industry research paper topics

  1. Special effects without computer graphics.
  2. Animation: from the sketch board to the film.
  3. Walt Disney’s immortal characters.
  4. Comics in the film industry.
  5. Drama as a cultural phenomenon.
  6. TV shows as an extension of films.
  7. What makes a great film director?
  8. Video editing as a form of art.
  9. The role of color in creating the right atmosphere.
  10. Trained animals in films.
  11. Film analysis research paper topics.
  12. Censorship in ….
  13. The director’s role in ….
  14. The main character’s communication style in ….
  15. How the screenplay and original book differ in ….
  16. Multiple actors playing the same character.

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