Overview of Good Feminist Research Topics for Students

The general concept of feminism has always been in the highlight due to its vibrant nature. Besides, the monikers “research paper on feminism,” “feminism,” and “research paper” can still inspire awe among the students of all genders. There are thousands of them who will always support your ideas, but you should also be ready to espouse views because this subject area is more than just your average assignment. If your purpose is to write an A-grade research paper, you should pick a good topic first. This will help you touch the minds of your readership. Another key is to know when to use one over the other. That's not to say do it right in form, substance, and delivery. In this review, we’ll talk about the best feminist research paper topics, allowing you to conduct a substantial research and score with the best possible notes.

Detail of Feminist Studies Research Topics

Before we start analyzing the best ideas you can use for your research, it is necessary to define the meaning of feminism. It is a movement for social and political equality of men and women. Typically, this term comes chockablock with notions like ‘aggressiveness’ or ‘man-hating’ that fully exploit the classic man-centric world order, and more. This subject area is too broad, and if you wish to write a high-quality research, you should investigate it first and pick a subtopic which would perform impeccably on its duties.

So, after having read this article, you’ll make yourself familiar with a bunch of gender studies research topics along with some other great ideas. Anyway, these 58 feminist research topics are a great starting point for your research development. We are confident there is a huge catalog of research topics out there so now you can use them for your own scientific endeavor, which will help you understand what particular subject area is yours to be discovered.

The Best List of Feminist Psychology Research Topics

Feminism and psychology are linked to each other. In fact, these are correlated areas. It is really hard to analyze this topic without knowing the rules of psychology. Check the ideas listed below and select the one you like most of all.

  1. What are the main features of feminism?
  2. Is the psychological study of sexuality relevant?
  3. How does the social environment impact the sexual development of young adults?
  4. Can feminist ideology influence the sexual orientation of individuals?
  5. What are the general concepts of feminist epistemology?
  6. Analyze the main trends of feminist psychology.
  7. What sociopolitical factors can influence the development of a person?
  8. Are cultural diversity and feminist psychology related to each other?
  9. What is the impact of feminist ideas on women’s personal lives?

Feminist Theory

Feminist theory is an extensive field to explore. If your primary aim is to cover one of its aspects, you might check the topics listed below:

  1. What is the theory of feminism?
  2. What is the nature of gender?
  3. Analyze all aspects of gender inequality.
  4. Women-dominated society: what would it be like?
  5. What are the main indications of inequality?
  6. Describe the main features of masculinity and femininity. How biased are you?
  7. What are the key feminist theories?
  8. What are the main policies of Feminist Parties?
  9. What are the main similarities and differences between African and European feminists?
  10. What is Spiritual Feminism? Describe its origins and main concepts.

Feminist Methodology

Today, feminist methodologies are absolutely different. Nevertheless, they have a few features in common. Check the ideas listed below and pick the one you like most!

  1. What prospecting method is used to explore the main concepts of feminism?
  2. What are the principal vulnerabilities of feminists?
  3. The future of feministic policies.
  4. Can feministic principles influence the development of a personality?
  5. Who are feminist anarchists?
  6. Feminist epistemologies and their impact on the development of this movement.
  7. What are the nontraditional feminist methodologies?
  8. What are the main issues of reflexivity?
  9. What are the key versions of feminist viewpoints?

Feminist Media

A number of academicians prefer studying this subject area because of its popularity. Besides, this problem is rapidly growing in relevance right now. Take a look at the ideas, published below and pick the one if you need serious direction for your scientific effort!

  1. Workplace harassment in the context of feminist issues.
  2. The best female film directors.
  3. The main feminist media theory.
  4. Writers who covered the topic of feminism in their literary works.
  5. When was the first wave of feminism?
  6. The most popular feminist books and their impact on the movement.
  7. Ad campaigns during feminist movements.
  8. How does the media portray women?
  9. Domestic violence and its influence on women.
  10. What is the profit motive of the feminist movement?

Feminism and Gender

Studying this subject area, you’ll explore the rules of gender identities as well as the main theories and studies related to this topic. Apart from that, you’ll also see how social and psychological forces may (or may not) shape us as individuals (looking at you here, Donald). We are going to let you in on some ideas here:

  1. Transgender identity in the USA.
  2. The exploitation of women in the sex industry in Western Europe.
  3. Same-sex marriages: should they be legal?
  4. The importance of sex education in schools.
  5. The status of women in politics today.
  6. Can feminists have happy families?
  7. Sexual violence against women in the USA.
  8. What are the main gender studies?
  9. Women’s threats: what are they?
  10. Sex-positivity and its role in women’s health.

The Best African Feminist Research Topics

Studying African feminist movements, you’ll learn a number of amazing facts about this culture and the role of women in it:

  1. The role of women in African society.
  2. Should African men and women be equal?
  3. What difficulties does feminism cause men?
  4. Sex education in African countries.
  5. What are the main feminist philosophies of gender?
  6. Can any black woman become the president of the country?
  7. The fundamental changes in African gender norms.
  8. The history of African feminist movements.
  9. The role of women in African cultures.
  10. What are the main historical roots of Chauvinism in African countries and its impact on the development of feminist movements in general?

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